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Ever watch an adaption of Pride and Prejudice and think "Austen totally wouldn't recognize what Lizzie is wearing"? Have you cringed at zippers in the backs of medieval gowns on film? Do you laugh at the latest costume drama's idea of hoop skirts being appropriate for the 1880s?

Then you're a Frock Flicker! Tune in to our monthly podcasts where we rip into Hollywood's attempt at historical costuming and talk about exactly why they're not accurate to the eras. But we're not just dissers -- we'll also look at costume movies we love, and tell you why they're fabulous, beautiful, fascinating films.

Historical movie costumes ride the line between authentically recreating a time period and telling an engaging story for a modern audience. Film directors make conscious choices about whether or not to faithfully follow history, and their costume designers use, play with, and willfully disregard history in order to better express character, plot, and overarching symbolic ideas. It's not living history -- it's story-telling and theater too.

We're three costuming fans & hobbyists who chat about all these issues in movie costumes. Stay tuned for our next episode!

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