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bet you weren't expecting this

Frock Flicks is not only back, but we have a live-recorded, watch-along with the first episode of everybody's love-to-hate-it historical monstrosity "The Tudors"!

Warning: Not for the easily offended, totally sober, or honestly, anyone under 21. This one also continued to go over the top, & we gave it an "explicit" tag in iTunes for frequent discussion of body parts & rampant swearing in between the complaints about couch fabric. Because this is how we roll when we watch a flick :)

Grab a cocktail & go here:

Or go here, click "View in iTunes," & then click "Subscribe."

Then you'll get all our updates whenever you open iTunes & refresh your podstreams (& y'know, in case we actually record a new podcast -- it could happen & wouldn't you hate to miss the fun?).

Let us know what you think!


Nov. 25th, 2012 09:51 pm (UTC)
Woo hoo! I love listening to these while I clean my sewing room.

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Ever watch an adaption of Pride and Prejudice and think "Austen totally wouldn't recognize what Lizzie is wearing"? Have you cringed at zippers in the backs of medieval gowns on film? Do you laugh at the latest costume drama's idea of hoop skirts being appropriate for the 1880s?

Then you're a Frock Flicker! Tune in to our podcasts where we rip into Hollywood's attempt at historical costuming and talk about exactly why they're not accurate to the eras. But we're not just dissers -- we'll also look at costume movies we love, and tell you why they're fabulous, beautiful, fascinating films.

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