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dun dun dun! a new podcast

Frock Flicks is back, & this time, we visit the small screen, plus we add a special guest! All this & more can be yours in an hour of audio madness.

demode, sarahbellem, & trystbat invite zoccolaro for a far-ranging discussion of the first episode or so of "The Borgias" -- Showtime's sexed-up look at how Jeremy Irons gets to be Pope in the 15th century. Hmmm... what's he got underneath those red & purple robes???

Warning: Not for the easily offended, totally sober, or honestly, anyone under 21. This one finally went over the top & we gave it an "explicit" tag in iTunes for frequent discussion of male body parts. Give us a break, there weren't a ton of costumes to look at. Just pope-y stuff, so we kinda went south fast.

Grab a cocktail & go here:

Or go here, click "View in iTunes," & then click "Subscribe."

Then you'll get all our updates whenever you open iTunes & refresh your podstreams (& y'know, whenever we actually release a new podcast -- but hey, we have another one in the can so subscribe why doncha?).

Let us know what you think!
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